Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

The new year always makes me a little strange. It is the time slipping past and the wondering where the future is taking us. The holidays have come and gone, with it the small time with family and friends. It was nice and it was sad.

No, I haven't written in a while. Not much to report. Things have happened and changed but I have no complaints or enthusiastic rejoicing. Life has gone on. It is nice. That word always made me shudder as a writer. Nice. It is so blase and small, but sometimes it is the only appropriate choice. Life is nice. Work is work. Home is home. Financially, everyone in the homestead is doing alright. We are getting by. We are working hard. We are spending quiet evenings at home together or going out to small functions. Nice is the only word to describe it and I am content with that. Once upon a time in college, a friend of mine said the worst thing someone could wish upon another person was for life to be exciting. Why? Well, exciting brings drama. There might be much excitement but there is an equal amount of despair. So, in remembering this I am thankful for my "nice and boring" life. Maybe, I could do with a little more nice and a little less boring but the whole is fine for now.

Here is wishing you the brightest and best in the new year. Happy New Year 2007! May your life be boring and complete.