Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When It Rains Does It Really Pour?

So the Nor'easter hit us on Sunday, only Cindy would have a fabulous bridal shower in the storm of the season! Everyone got home safe and had a good time. It was the evening hours that seemed to bring the biggest problems. It would of course, because of high tide.

Being in coastal towns, your always a bit aware that flooding may be a problem. Since I grew up in Long Island and now live in Connecticut near the sound, I am always acutely aware of flooding. There were many evacuations in the coastal towns, our town even blew there air sirens. The brook near our home started to fill the park. We even saw a transformer blow near the police station. The whole area on the other side of the park was plunged into darkness. It was so bad, I even got to stay home from work because the town I work in was hit hard. Evacuations and shelters were mandatory in some areas.

One of the hardest hit areas was Westchester County, where our college is located. My sympathies go out to Bo. I realize this must have been a huge headache for her as head of security for the college. She was missed last night while the rest of us played COH and saved the world. (I swear I am not gloating Bo, my thoughts were with you but my gaming addiction runs deep). In fact, I thought of Bo a lot yesterday while we were playing. the Nor'easter may have flooded the college but the shootings at VA Tech also had our thoughts with her. It is almost unfathomable when something like this happens. Of course your thoughts go to the families of the victims. However, at the same time you start to consider the what ifs and the what could be items. You think about and pray for the victims - then say a prayer it's not you or yours. Sounds horrible but I am always amazed at how true it is.

Today is tax day.

It's been so busy a week and it's only Tuesday. Hmmm, makes me wonder what tomorrow will bring. Today, Cindy got her promotion to full time. I am very excited about it for her. Yet, again, I realize we are selfish beings by nature. With K and her new jobs, now Cindy. Whomever will be there to save the world with me? *Shudder* I may have to join pick-up teams or go outside into the sunlight. Sunlight! I'm a gamer. Sunlight burns. Ahhh. Hiss. This is bad. If I go outside, I might actually like it and remember what life was like before COH. I know Bo will join me but she gets home later. There will be at least 3 hours when I am on my own. I can feel nature calling me even now. I might just have to go for a walk.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

All About Cinderella

So today, in the biggest rain storm to hit the northeast in a while, Cinderella had her bridal shower. It was lovely and I absolutely loved seeing her so happy. I think it is just hitting me know that L and her beloved are walking down the isle in little over 2 months. I am so happy for her and kind of teary at the same time. So L has found her nickname in my blog - from now on she will be referred to as Cindy or Cinderella. It fits her. She is a fairytale princess and deserve every fairytale happiness. As a fellow princess, I should know. So now I will recount her fairytale as I know it:

Once upon a time. . .for that's how these things always start. . .there was an exotic beauty from NYC who grew up in a large and wonderfully mixed up family. Warm and extended, this family was her world of values and love. The young princess moved out to Long Island. She gathered more people to her, for it was hard to resist the princess' light. She grew up and went to college. Still the people flocked to her like bees to a hive. Cinderella was beloved and cherished, but alas she was unlucky in love.

Many men fought for Cinderella's attention, there was no lack of knights playing for her attention. Alas, all the dukes, kings, and lords could not give her heart what it needed. There was even one sheriff of Nottingham and a fire resistant pig boy. I know. I was there. These men tried to win her, some succeed. Some lied. Some cheated. Some became boorish and unworthy. Each time Cinderella cried, my heart would break with her and for her. Yet Cinderella is resourceful and strong. She knows that life is not always balls and carriages. Sometimes life is only pumpkins from the garden and broken glass slippers.

Then she received a newsletter and corrected the writer. He was a science fiction prince. He courted her. He wooed her. She fell head over heels. Red envelopes, flowers, and the occasional Godzilla whispered his devotion. I worried at first on her behalf. Could he be as charming as he appeared. Then he asked her to live with him. He took care of her. He took an interest in the things that delighted her. He made an effort to accept all her extended "family", and we are not all that easy to love. He won her heart and then her hand. He won me over. He was the Prince Charming that Cinderella was always looking for. Best of all, he made her happy and in that only fairy tales can be found.

So now, as the weeks to the royal ball count down, I hold my breath as I am honored to witness a storybook romance come to it's next stage. May they live happily ever after.

Hey Cindy! I love you more than you can know babe. Your my dark, beautiful, moonbeam sister and I wish you every happiness. Thank you for letting me be apart of this fairytale.