Thursday, September 29, 2005

Empty Bladder. . .Full Heart

Just so everyone knows, Holly is doing well and healing up just fine. She wants to get into everything and meet everyone. Which leads me to my newest question.

Okay, so I don't understand the need to pee whenever I meet someone new. Then again, I am not a puppy with an insatiable need to get to know everyone. This has been a slight problem with Holly from the beginning. Whenever someone walks into the room, Holly jumps up on them and gets herself very excited. Then she pees. Now we've been working on the jumping because I don't like it. I really think most people are just polite when they say a jumping puppy is cute. Even so, cute as puppy does not mean cute as dog! So any how, we have been working on the jumping. However she still pees. I'm not sure if it's excitement piddling or submissive peeing. She doesn't do it with me - and she's stopped with J and K. However all others are fair waterfall material. I've tried kenneling her until she calms down or taking her out before company comes over. Still she piddels away, happily wagging her tail as she jumps up. I'm not sure how to deal with this issue. She's not being bad, she's being friendly. She wants to love everyone. She wants affection from every hand that rings our doorbell. My carpets are not happy. They are talking about a revolt. How do I curb this behavior

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Home Coming.

Holly came home this afternoon from her stay at the hospital for her spaying and she's doing well. I spoke with the vet and she said that Holly was a pleasure to have overnight. She thinks we have a wonderful dog that is loving, bright, and sweet natured. Funny, we think so to.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Holly's Big Night!

Tonight J, Holly, and I went visiting to the neighbors! Mr. & Mrs. O live around the corner from us and are the proud pet parents of Ewain, a 5 1/2 month old Irish border collie. We've lived in our home for 2 years but it took Holly coming into our lives to meet our neighbors. . .Ironic isn't it? I really like Mr. & Mrs. O. And Holly really likes Ewain. They've had play dates and Ewain's even run away to be with her. They seem to have so much fun together that J and I have dubbed Ewain, The Boyfriend. Even more ironic, Holly's spaying was scheduled for the 20th as was Ewain's neutering. Who knew?

So anyhow, the family all went over to Mr. & Mrs. O's house where we ended up hanging out until midnight just drinking wine and talking. Holly and Ewain ran around, playing and jumping - just having a great old time. It was a nice night and when we came home, Holly was filthy. LOL. She LOVED it!

What amazes me is how much a dog can help people open up! Like I stated earlier, 2 years living here and the only people we knew were our immediate neighbors. In the 2 months that Holly has been living with us, we have met so many people and their dogs. Dog owners are so willing to stop and talk with strangers who also have dogs. We live across the street from a beautiful park and we've even met neighbors without dogs. Everyone, with pets or not, will stop to see Holly. They stop to pet her and ask questions about her. It amazes me!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

To Eat. . .Or Not to Eat.

On the second floor of our house is a little room with no real function. This room is small and oddly shaped but has become a sort of haven to K and myself. It has become out Art/Crafting room. We painted the walls and put together the furniture. It is our space to enjoy ourselves, to escape the stresses of the world through our art! Holly loves joining us and she normally just sits at my feet and plays with her chew toys. However, we have a problem. The corner of the room has a spot where the linoleum is coming up and the hardwood is visible underneath. We have plans to rip up the floor later but cost related decisions have put refinishing the floor on hold. I looked down last night to find Holly ripping up the linoleum and trying to eat it! What is with all the strange things she tries to eat? It seems all of a sudden everything is welcome in my puppy's mouth! Bugs, plastic, grass, yarn, lace, paper, refuse, dirt, and anything else you can come up with. . .Including, but not limited to, old linoleum flooring! I know it's a stage, with kids and cats. I assume it's a stage of life with puppies as well but there must be a way to discourage the behavior. I mean, I can only watch her so many hours in a day and she's eating all sorts of things. Someone suggested 'sour apple' spray and someone else suggested a mix of vinegar, tabasco, and garlic. I'm not sure. We tried another spray that was suppose to discourage chewing and Holly just seems to love it!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Puppy in the Middle.

I love Holly. I never thought I'd feel this way for a pet, but it has happened. I love her cold nose and persistent love. She ALWAYS wants to be around me and is just happy that I come home to her. Sometimes, though, I just don't want to be bothered with her.

Now that school is back in session, I'm finding it very hard to extract myself from the stress of the day. Sometimes I come home and she is SO needy that I just want to scream. I know it's not her that I am upset with but I'm not sure how to release it. Then there seem to be all the continuing problems between J and myself.

I'm not sure what the real problem is between J and I, but it seems obvious that puppy is being used as an excuse. I feel as if I'm having to do everything for Holly and that J isn't living up to his part of the bargain. We had a deal that we would raise the puppy together. I don't feel this is happening. J, on the other hand works seriously long hours. He leaves just after me in the morning and comes home late into the night. I know he feels overworked and exhausted. I know it is very difficult for him to juggle his own business and his day job - both of which require long hours. I know he does a lot of this to make sure we have the money to pay for our house, food, and bills. Money is tight and Connecticut is an expensive state to live in. I appreciate all that he does but I tend to think there are more important things in life than money. I could live with out my video games, books, and nights out. I could live without the extras if I could just have him home more. J wants to provide for his family. He wants us to have everything we need.

J and I both grew up without. J was from a large family and his dad worked hard to make ends meet. While his dad made a fairly good living, it really didn't stretch that far with 2 parents, 5 kids, and 3 grandchildren. J lived in a house supplied to his family by his father's boss. This was in an extremely rich town in Connecticut. Many of the kids he grew up with had large homes, new cars, and large trust funds. J worked hard and got scholarships to private schools. Then he got scholarships to college. He grew up surrounded by excess while his family wanted for necessities. He never wants his kids to face that. He wants me, as his wife, to be able to get my hair done or buy myself a book if I want. He wants this all without having to worry about whether or not we can eat that night. I can't blame him for wanting more out of life.

I grew up on Long Island in an Italian middle-class neighborhood. My family had lived in the same house for 5 generations. We were comfortable. My dad split when I was 6, leaving my mom, baby brother, my grandmother, and I on our own. My mom worked at McDonald's and cleaned houses. We had little but we were really happy. Food was scarce but my mom always made it seem like we had plenty. I know now we were drowning but I never knew it then. My brother jokes that he grew up in the house the estrogen built and technology forgot. We played board games and read books. We went on picnics to the beach after 4pm, because it was free after that time. I worked hard and went to college. I met J. I never want my kids to go hungry but I also want them to know their father. I want him in their life.

Now, J and I don't have kids yet. Up until now, we had a cat and he was pretty self sufficient. If I was lonely, well I kept myself busy most of the time. Problems have arisen now that Holly has entered our lives. Holly needs more hands on care. Many of the things I did to keep myself busy have to be put on hold for her needs. J still works all the time, because nothing has really changed for him. He didn't take care of the cat and I could look after myself. Holly has fallen under my care because I am first home. This has brought up all sorts of feeling that all lead to the same idea - future children. Until we figure out how to deal with each other and the situation, there will be fights and upset feelings. Until we learn to communicate, there will be misunderstandings. Until we try to reach a compromise and a common ground, there will be resentment. Until we commit to a change, there will be no future children. Sadly, until then, Holly is stuck in the middle.