Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Holly's Big Night!

Tonight J, Holly, and I went visiting to the neighbors! Mr. & Mrs. O live around the corner from us and are the proud pet parents of Ewain, a 5 1/2 month old Irish border collie. We've lived in our home for 2 years but it took Holly coming into our lives to meet our neighbors. . .Ironic isn't it? I really like Mr. & Mrs. O. And Holly really likes Ewain. They've had play dates and Ewain's even run away to be with her. They seem to have so much fun together that J and I have dubbed Ewain, The Boyfriend. Even more ironic, Holly's spaying was scheduled for the 20th as was Ewain's neutering. Who knew?

So anyhow, the family all went over to Mr. & Mrs. O's house where we ended up hanging out until midnight just drinking wine and talking. Holly and Ewain ran around, playing and jumping - just having a great old time. It was a nice night and when we came home, Holly was filthy. LOL. She LOVED it!

What amazes me is how much a dog can help people open up! Like I stated earlier, 2 years living here and the only people we knew were our immediate neighbors. In the 2 months that Holly has been living with us, we have met so many people and their dogs. Dog owners are so willing to stop and talk with strangers who also have dogs. We live across the street from a beautiful park and we've even met neighbors without dogs. Everyone, with pets or not, will stop to see Holly. They stop to pet her and ask questions about her. It amazes me!

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