Thursday, September 29, 2005

Empty Bladder. . .Full Heart

Just so everyone knows, Holly is doing well and healing up just fine. She wants to get into everything and meet everyone. Which leads me to my newest question.

Okay, so I don't understand the need to pee whenever I meet someone new. Then again, I am not a puppy with an insatiable need to get to know everyone. This has been a slight problem with Holly from the beginning. Whenever someone walks into the room, Holly jumps up on them and gets herself very excited. Then she pees. Now we've been working on the jumping because I don't like it. I really think most people are just polite when they say a jumping puppy is cute. Even so, cute as puppy does not mean cute as dog! So any how, we have been working on the jumping. However she still pees. I'm not sure if it's excitement piddling or submissive peeing. She doesn't do it with me - and she's stopped with J and K. However all others are fair waterfall material. I've tried kenneling her until she calms down or taking her out before company comes over. Still she piddels away, happily wagging her tail as she jumps up. I'm not sure how to deal with this issue. She's not being bad, she's being friendly. She wants to love everyone. She wants affection from every hand that rings our doorbell. My carpets are not happy. They are talking about a revolt. How do I curb this behavior

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