Sunday, February 11, 2007

We Want a Wii

So the Red King has come home and with him has arrived the Minotaur God. Like the warriors of the past these two have donned the horned helmets of the mightiest of hunters. The will search high and low, refusing to accept defeat. The prey? The Nintendo Wii Game System. It will be found, nay MUST be found. Only upon finding such an animal will the determined hunters return. Problem is the system seems to be sold out in our area of the country. While ordering the item may seem like an idea, it can not be done. The item of desire must be in hand for it is truly "the hunt" that is desired. The ability to say, "I have found this and won". Now I'm not sure if men feel this way but I do know that shopping for many women is like this. It is the hunt for the bargain and the item we desire. Watching the boys in action certainly seems to suggest it is the same with men. J called around and found 10 in stock at the local Toys R Us. We are not sure though if it is the pack the Minotaur God wants. He does not want a bundle pack. He simply wants the game system. We wish him luck. I wonder if we should roast a caribou or an ox in honor of his hunt? We are so modern we have lost the celebrations of life. The hunt after all was one of the biggest challenges and traditions for early man. What is the correct sacrifice for a video game system? A virtual offering? Spam?

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Dana said...

Happy Birthday! Hope things are well with you and your family...that means K too. Love ya and miss ya.