Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Taste Test Nazi

So I was in the supermarket today when a woman asks me to take a quick taste test. Ironically enough it's for Coke and Pepsi. The woman is a student at a local college and is running a taste test to prove a theory. I have no idea what the theory is as she wouldn't tell me. She said it was all very scientific and most people wouldn't understand. Okay, so I already am not liking her but that must be cause I'm dumb! Anyway. She shows me a series of ads for the sodas. I noticed all the coke comercials were old, I mean like my early childhood old. The Pepsi commercials are all new with young and beautiful people. So I am guessing her theory has to do with displayed images affecting the stupid masses. I taste each soda and point to the one I like. It's Coke. No surprise there. I am a self proclaimed Coke fiend. Would you believe this scientific chicky starts to yell at me? I mean, SCREAM! She starts shouting how I must be doing this on purpose to ruin her results and someone must have sent me to screw with her. I'm sorry. Did I miss something? I guess taste preference no longer has anything to do with taste.

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