Monday, May 29, 2006

What Party DId I Attend?

So our big family Memorial day blast was a great success. So much in fact that blogs throughout the Tri-State area have been composed in it's praise. K went on and on about the wild rave that ran rampant through my suburban backyard. Wow! L wrote about the friendly neighborhood picnic, with good friends and good drinks. Both sound like great parties. Now, I don't know what parties they attended but I don't remember the events they describe. That's not true. I remember karaoke. I was there for that. The couches were alive with the sound of music, off key and slightly abused music but it was still music. I remember the food - J did an excellent job on that. I remember staying up until 5 in the morning. Yet, the party I remember consisted of family and friends having a good time. I remember playing with our puppy and our 5 year old nephew. I had not a drop to drink. I did not know there was a separate party going on behind the scenes. I did not know there was puke in the bushes! What party did I attend?

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~Liz said...

Prob the same one that A attended that ended at 11 when he took the train home LOL.
Like any party its amazing what people see and do. The fun part is getting the full picture from everyone as you all compare notes and stories.