Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Outside or Inside?

My work year start is quickly closing in. 5 days left and then? I'm really paranoid about Holly being home alone. J has decided she needs to stay outside while we are at work, so he built her a 7 ft by 9 ft pen within our back yard. (We do not have our yard fenced in and can't because of a shared driveway. Fencing would end up breaking town ordinances. So he fenced in part to make her a safe little play area.)

The pen is very nice but it does little to ease my concerns. She's a Nordic dog and it's hot outside, but the pen is in the shade at all times. What about bad weather? J is building her a temperature controlled dog house. Water? He created a water fountain for her, then taught her how to us it. What if she gets out? That he can't answer me, he repeats that she'll be fine. I'm sure some of this is new puppy owner paranoia but I can't help it. I've been trying it out with her everyday, this way it's not such a shock when we have to leave her in it. She seems okay, a little wound up when I let her out but she doesn't stand out there barking or crying. She plays, sleeps, and eats. That's about what she does all day with me, minus the training sessions. I guess it will be okay, but that nagging gut feeling won't leave me alone.

J works all over the Tri-state area. His job takes him between 15 different buildings everyday, the closet building to our house is 45 minutes away. He leaves every morning by 6:30 am and doesn't get off until 4 pm. He owns his own side business, which he conducts from 4 pm to 9 pm, sometimes later. He also works a lot of weekends. I out the door by 5:45 am every morning during the school year and I work an hour away. I'm never home before 3:30 pm and that's if there is no traffic, never happens. As for K, while she is totally into being a part of Holly's life, she leaves at 6 am and works an hour and a half away. So stems my concerns. Holly will be in her pen from around 6 am to 4 pm every weekday. That just seems very long to me and makes me worry. I think I would rather her be kenneled inside during the day but J won't budge on this issue. I'm sure he will make her the best and most comfortable pen and dog house ever seen but I'm more concerned she'll be lonely.

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