Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Tooth-Fairy Freak Out.

Holly lost her first tooth today. She came over to me and spit it out at my feet. I freaked out. She's been nipping and biting everything in the last few days and I thought maybe she broke her tooth. I looked closer and found that it really didn't seem broken. She's only four months old. I mean, should she be losing her baby teeth already? I ran to get my books and must confess they were extremely unhelpful. They had nothing about the losing of baby teeth. I was at a complete lose of what was going on and everyone with us was laughing at me. Of course none of those people could tell me if this was the right age for puppies to lose teeth either.

So to save others the embarrassment of being a freaked out new puppy parent, I found this great website that had lots of info on dogs and their teeth: The Dog Owner's Guide: Canine Teeth - In case you were wondering, 4 months is the age when puppies start losing their baby teeth. It was normal. Now, does the tooth-fairy leave things for puppies? I haven't found that website yet!

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Xinh said...

It's interesting that you're finding your puppy's teeth. When my dog was a puppy, if his teeth fell out, he would eat them before I could get to them.