Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Two "Birds" Killing Me With One Stone

A nest of birds have taken up residence outside my bedroom window in the last few weeks. They sing beautiful arias to welcome the sun each and every morning, at 4 am. They do not cease for weekends. They do not notice that I have to be up by 5 am to get ready and drive 33 miles to work in a school of 700 preteen students. They seem to have very little understanding of what my snooze button means to me. Fifteen more minutes, please. Just fifteen more minutes of sleep might help me stay sane!

J loves me! I rejoice in this fact, as I to love him. J likes his nightly television - CSI, ER, Law & Order, Crossing Jordan. He has to watch. WE have to watch, staying up late almost every night to do so. Never mind that we are now in reruns. Never mind that CSI and Law & Order are on ALL the time. Seriously, do you realize that at any given moment of any day, one of these shows is on somewhere in the world? Right now, while you read this, one of them is starting. Some crime must be investigated and J is determined to solve them! The survival of the world rests on his shoulders. Civilizations will end if he doesn't see just who's fingerprint was on the gun recovered from the aging model's mansion. Doesn't he realize yet that it's always the same? Miss Scarlet committed the murder. In the study. With the revolver. However, this late night obsession with crime dramas gets worse. When they are over, J wants to spend time together in all those ways married people are suppose to spend time together - Talking about the truck's oil change. Asking me to do laundry. Wanting to know why I spent so much at the bookstore last week. You know, all that adult stuff. What was that about handcuffs? Never mind. I am so tired. 4 hours of sleep don't cut it for me anymore.

It has all started to blur together. Day. Night. Birds' gentle morning greetings. Husband's sweet whispered good-nights. Get into bed. Get out of bed. Alarm clock buzzing relentlessly. Hungry birds chirping and demanding my soul for breakfast. Husband needing just a trace of human contact. Nature and nurture playing havoc with my sleep cycle. Love and life demanding my sanity. It all screams at me to enjoy my life and sleep when I'm dead.

All I can think at 4 am is this:
  • Me.
  • The candlestick.
  • In the Bedroom.
  • Birds or J.
  • Fifteen more minutes of sleep.

There's a CSI episode for you!


~Liz said...

Sounds like my life. Except its up at 630 to travel in a super croweded bus where the idea of personal space is joke and wonder why it takes 45 minutes to make what should be a short drive. Then walk the last 7 blocks to work. To deal with thousands of college age kids who are as bad if not worse than Pre-teens.
I think this means we're adults now honey.

Passenger 49 said...

Hey Fable, thanks so much for tagging my guest book. Please keep me posted with info regarding your old site and the evil people who are claiming it for their own. I am going to add more to my site eventually, I currently recovering from dental surgery and I get tired so fast because of all the lovely pills they gave me LOL. Take care and those birds will leave the nest eventually!!
Passenger 49

Kandii said...

Sometimes I think that are adults are worse then children because they act as immature but have the power to effect things on a larger scale, and get away with it.

No, pretend I didn't say that.

I hate reruns...