Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Buster Cube!

K brought home this really cool toy, for Holly, called the Buster Cube. This toy has just become Holly's favorite thing. It's basically a puzzle. As she plays with it some treats spill out. It looks like a die, with the food spilling out of the 1 side. The cube comes in two sizes, mini cube and food cube, which accommodates different size dogs. K bought Holly the mini. We fill it with her kibble and adjust the setting to Holly's level - she's at minimum if anyone is curious. She loves playing with it but we do use it sparingly, we don't want her over-eating. Basically, we use it whenever we need some down time but don't want to kennel her. I use it in the afternoon when I want to go online or read a book. K uses it when she wants to play a video game or talk on the phone. We are normally in the room with Holly as she plays with it.

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Casper said...

hi holly!!! how's it going? nice toy you have there. makes me want to ask for one, too. oh mommieeee.....=D